LRUN is currently in the process of compiling the second volume of the Encyclopedia "The Nobility of Lithuania". All members of LRUN are welcome to submit materials pertaining to the history and noble origins of their family. The details and requirements are listed below. These guidelines can an also be found in the Lithuanian language on the LRUN website at:


PLEASE NOTE: All the noble kins/families that belong the LRUN must participate in the encyclopedia, because after many years it will be one of the main documents about the descendants of the nobility in the 21st century and and their ancestors.

  • Step 1: REGISTRATION. The registration of future participants of the second volume is continued by the Head of the Organizational Group Rimantas Stukas (; tel. +370 687 24 953) and editor-compiler Leonas Peleckis-Kaktavičius (; tel. +370 41 454171) Organizational-creative group of book publishing: Rimantas Stukas (leader), LRUN Commander Perlis Vaisieta, Aura Bartaškienė, Dalia Teišerskytė, Leonas Peleckis-Kaktavičius (book editor-compiler), Gražina Šimoliūnienė (designer).

    Newly legitimized descendants of the nobility, who have not yet received their Acts of Restoration of Nobility, may prepare material for the encyclopedia. For your register number, please contact Audronė Musteikienė, Head of the Register of LBKS Members, by e-mail (

    Please note that the encyclopeda "The Nobility of Lithuania" is intended for all legitimized members of Lithuanian nobility, regardless of the region to which they belong, as well as for nobles who are not members of LBKS, but are legitimized in other organizations.

  • Step 2: PAYMENT.
    The submission fee was approved at a meeting of the LBKS Senate to be 200 Euros for the material pertaining to one kin (family line), with four pages per kin. If more information is provided and more pages are created after compilation, the additional fee is 50 Euros per page.

    Please send payments to LBKS (LRUN), account number LT374010051004930240 at the Luminor Bank.

    When making the payment, please indicate that the purpose of the payment is for Volume II of the encyclopedic publication "The Nobility of Lithuania" and the surname of the kin, for which the information is submitted and fee paid. It is necessary to indicate the surname of the kin, as the payer's surname may not coincide with the surname of the kin, whose information is published.

  • Step 3: MATERIAL SUBMISSION. Please provide the necessary information to the editor-compiler, as follows:

    • Please send to the book's editor-compiler Leon Peleckis-Kaktavičius (; tel. +370 41 454171) a description of the family (up to two pages in MS Word, which must include, among other things, the name of the Archive(s), the numbers of files, sheets, etc., the registration number of the Nobility Restoration Act) and inscriptions under the photos of full metrics (names, surnames, year, name of the locality, etc.; from left to right and without additional notes, just in the same order as on the photo). The author of the description of the family shall sign under the text in full name and surname.

    • Please send to the book designer Gražina Šimoliūnienė (; tel. +370 699 69340) the genealogical tree or schematic (in Adobe Acrobat format; the tree or schematic must not exceed one page of the book), photographs (ancient and current only in good quality; two to six pieces with full metrics), as well as the coats of arms.

  • Step 4: REVISIONS. This stage will take place in individual correspondence with the book editor-compiler and designer through the above contacts. The editor-compiler of the book and the creative team have the right to edit the submitted material and not to use low-quality graphic material.