We are here to represent our parent organization, the Lithuanian Royal Union of Nobility (LRUN) on the American continent and to serve the members of LRUN who live in the North, Central, and South Americas. We seek to enhance the communication, organization, and unity among all representatives of Lithuanian noble families on this side of the Atlantic. Our goals are same as those of LRUN.

On the initiative of Jonas Ber┼żanskis, The Society of Lithuanian Nobility was founded on February 16, 1928, which he led from the establishment of the society until his death (July 12, 1936). This society had a great influence on the Lithuanian nobility; a great number of them living in exile returned to be with their people. The Royal Union of Lithuanian Nobility (hereafter LRUN), which unites the proven descendents of Lithuanian nobility into an organized formation of Lithuanian nobles, is the legal successor of the Lithuanian Nobility Society, which operated from 1928 to 1940, along with all its rights and duties. Shortly after the fall of the Soviet control of Lithuania, LRUN was registered with the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Lithuania In June 1994.

The core of LRUN's activity is to restore and deepen the heroic history of our Fatherland, to renew the noble culture and traditions at all levels of the Lithuanian society and among Lithuanians living in immigration, to promote the global awareness and appreciation of our country and, not the least, to enhance her economic and political strength and independence.

LRUN member body consists of individuals who were able to prove, via historic documents, their having descended from one of the many noble families that---beginning from the 10th-13th century knights---built, enhanced, and firmly supported our country's statehood, culture, military, and economy. These families acted as the nurturers of the national identity and independence. They provided not only support for the Grand Dukes of Lithuania and Kings of the joint state of Lithuania and Poland, but also acted as a checks-and-balances system to restrict the rulers when they tended towards decisions that were perilous to the Fatherland. The current members of LRUN, in Lithuania, in the Americas, and elsewhere, seek to continue paying these essential roles.